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CxCalendarSync - Google Calendar (Calendar Classic version)

CalendarSync can be used to synchronize your Carerix calendar with Google Calendar

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Carerix CalendarSync is an optional functionality in Carerix that can be used to synchronize your Carerix calendar with Google Calendar. To use this functionality, you need to host your e-mail at Google through either a free or a paid account. Google gives you the possibility to synchronize with your smartphone or Outlook.

Activating your CalendarSync always happens for all of your database users. Periodically, additional costs will be accounted for, whether your users actually use the CalendarSync option or not. Ask your account manager about the possibility and the cost.

Setup CalendarSync

Step 1. Setting up synchronization in Carerix

Carerix has set up its database so you can easily start synchronizing your calendar. Each user has to set up his own Calendarsync using the following steps:

  1. In the top right corner of Carerix click 'My Account'

  2. Choose document 'CalendarSync'

  3. You will see the following screen:

  4. Choose [Setup Google Calendar]

  5. You will now be asked to log into Google (if you weren’t already logged in) or to choose an account if you are logged in with multiple accounts.

  6. Click on [Allow access] to give Carerix access to your Calendar. Google and Carerix will now synchronize all “future meetings”. Depending on the amount of meetings in your calendar this might take some time.

  7. The setup of your CalendarSync is finished, you can close the window


  • Meetings that have been created prior to the moment of the activation of CalendarSync will not be retroactively synchronized (this also goes for repeated meetings where the start-meeting is set in the past). If you want to synchronize this anyway, you need to open the meeting, add some additional information to the notation field (a period is enough) and then save the edited meeting.

  • If you do not have created a Google account yet, you can create a Google account. This can be either a paid or a free account.

Step 2. Configuration of other clients

Set up your Google account on your mobile device (e.g. iPad, iPhone, Android) and/or desktop (e.g. Microsoft Outlook or Apple iCal).

Mobile devices

Would you like to synchronize the Carerix calendar with the calendar on your mobile phone? Then see below:

iOS device with iOS 6 or higher

For Apple iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars

  3. Tap on "Add account"

  4. Choose "Gmail"

  5. Fill in the information:

    1. Name: Your name (this will also be used as the sender of your e-mails)

    2. E-mail: Your e-mail address at Google (this can be either Gmail or your own domain address as you have hosted this with Google)

    3. Password: Your password

    4. Description: This is automatically your e-mail address but you can change this to a description of your

  6. Tap [Next]

  7. Make sure that Mail, Calendars, Notes are checked (this is standard)

  8. Tap [Save]

  9. Your account is added

Your calendar will now be available in the iOS Calendar app. See also Sync Calendar with a phone or tablet

Android device

For among others Samsung Galaxy tab, Samsung Galaxy phones, Sony Xperia, HTC Desire, see About Android Device Policy of Google.

Windows phone

For e.g. Nokia Lumia, MS Surface, Windows Phone and Huawei Ascend W1, see the Microsoft website.

Windows Mobile

Desktop clients

To synchronize the Carerix calendar with the calendar on your desktop, see below:

Apple iCal

To synchronize with the standard calendar in Apple Mac OS X (iCal), see Add Google Calendar events to Apple Calendar

Extra options

Syncing 2 Carerix Calendars

You own two Carerix systems and you want all meetings inserted in each of the 2 calendars to be synchronized? Take the following steps:

  1. For each Carerix System setup CalendarSync using distinct Gmail addresses to which both you are the owner. - -

2. Create a meeting in system1

4. The appointment is being synced for system1 with and further, it is replicated in as attendee. In the end it will be displayed in as it will get synced with

Manual synchronization

Synchronization happens automatically: once every three minutes for active users, and once every fifty minutes for inactive users. By recalling the report again you can manually click the [Synchronize] button to synchronize more often:

Stop synchronization

To stop synchronization, you take the following steps:

  1. Click [Revoke access] to revoke access

  2. Carerix will stop synchronizing with Google

Repeated meetings

Carerix deals differently with repeated meetings than Google. Below you will find a list of known issues. At the moment that CalendarSync runs into an issue, you will always automatically receive a message with instructions.

Exception on a repeated meeting

If there is an exception in the calendar on a repeated meeting (by deletion or the changing of dates) you will receive the following message: Your Google calendar has an exception on a repeated meeting.
This is because of a deleted/changed meeting. Carerix does not allow such exceptions. 

Tip: Add an extra meeting to your calendar to remind you of this exception. 

Repetition pattern is not supported

If the repetition pattern that you have filled into Google is not supported by Carerix, you will receive the following message.: This meeting contains a repetition pattern that is not supported. This meeting is repeating on multiple days of the week, of which one takes place on Sunday, every few weeks. This leads to a different pattern in Carerix than in Google, because the beginning of the week is handled differently.

Note: This meeting will be synchronized as normal.

Tip: Split this meeting into two weekly repetitions; one for the Sunday, one for the rest of the days. This will fix the repetition pattern in both calendars.

Daily repetition

Meetings with a daily repetition are not supported. You will receive the following message: Your Google Calendar contains a meeting that cannot be synchronized. This is because Carerix does not support daily repeating meetings.

Tip: Most daily meetings can easily be described through a weekly repetition on specific workdays. When you change your daily repeated meetings by one or multiple weekly meetings, these meetings will be added to your Carerix calendar.

Remarks and known issues

Visible for all users the Carerix option "Visible for all users" is not included in the connection to other systems Attendees To link up attendees Carerix searches for users with the same e-mail address. If these do not exist, they will be placed in Attendees (other) in Google. Resources are often also used as locations, since reserving a room can be used with this. This is why Resources are placed in the location field in Google.
Exception within a repeating event creating an exception in a sequence of repeating events is not yet supported. This will be supported in a future version of Carerix 5.
Meetings until eternity these will not be supported by Carerix, but are technically possible by creating an end date far into the future (e.g. 2078-12-31). Reminders when the time of a reminder is set into a couple of minutes when Carerix is not available, then the time will be rounded out to the closest value that is available within the system. Confirmation in an edited meeting is gone when attendees have confirmed their participation and the meeting is changed afterwards, the confirmation will be deleted because you need a new confirmation for the new time. This is because it could happen that the new time does not suit all attendees. Conflicts when a conflict occurs, the last created date is taken as a template.


For every active user Carerix has created a note for which the subject starts with TOKEN: and the contents start with CalendarSync. These are necessary to let the connection function properly. Do not delete these notes!

Keywords : UD-242, CalendarSync, Calendar Sync

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