When generation documents in MS-Word, Carerix uses special HTML templates.

Create MS-Word document

To create a MS-Word template with HTML layout, you need to make the layout in first in MS-Word. This way you can determine the exact positioning and layout. Note something recognizable for yourself at the places where you want that Carerix puts information from your application, for example {{LAST NAME}}.

Next you need to change the encoding. This is necessary so that MS-Word understands the emphases from Carerix. You can do this by going to the options in the 'extra' menu. Next you go to the tab general and you choose "Weboptions". Here is a tab named "Coding". In this list you need to choose for the option Unicode (UTF-8).

Now you are able to save the document as a webpage.

When you have done the steps above, you can add Cx-script information. By opening the webpage in your favorite plain text editor (for example Notepad++), you can simply search for the recognizable information. Where you find the information, you need to put the Cx-script code.

When you are done with modifying the template, you need to change the extension from .html to .doc, so MS-Word will see the document as a MS-Word document. 


To clarify a step-by-step instruction

  1. Create your layout in MS-Word

  2. Add recognizable text

  3. Set the encoding

  4. Save the document as a webpage

  5. Open the document in a plain text editor

  6. Replace the recognizable text with Cx-script

  7. Save the document with the extension .doc

Use the template in Carerix

To use the template in Carerix, it needs to be located in the right place and there needs to be a reference in Carerix. 

Place through FTP

The template that you have created needs to be placed at the following location: 

  • ftp://<name application>.carerix.com

  • location: httpdocs/templates/


  • The name can't contain spaces and is case sensitive.

  • FTP access is only available for computers whose IP-address is on our whitelist.

Document template in Carerix

The actual definition in Carerix contains the parameters and a reference to the location. Follow the following steps:

  1. Log in as Administrator (in Carerix)

  2. Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Templates'

  3. Go to the Document-Tab and choose [New]

  4. Fill in the following values:
    - Name
    - Code - The internal name to refer to this template
    - Index - The sort order of the list
    - Visible - Where the template needs to be located
    - Settings:
    Multirecord - when the template needs to work on a list of items, instead of a single file.
    Print template - when the template needs to be located behind the 'print' button.
    - Available for - determines what userroles can see this template
    - URL - the reference to the template you just created
    Note that the URL need to start with http:// and does not contain ...httpdocs...

  5. Click [Finish]

Keywords : UD-1822

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