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How to connect your Carerix Agenda to an Outlook or Gmail agenda?

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CalendarSync is an additional feature in our Carerix Application. If you are interested in this feature please contact your personal Account Manager.

Be aware that when you want to connect your Carerix Agenda to an Outlook agenda you need to be able to use a Microsoft Exchange Local Server version 2010 or higher. 

How to install the synchronization

: This can only be installed by your Carerix Administrator

  1. When in Carerix, click on the top right side and select 'My Account'

  2. Click on the dropdown menu below 'Select document' 

  3. Look voor "CxCalendarSync" 

  4. Make sure that your browser allow pop-ups, when your browser blocks pop-ups the screen below will not be showed: 

  5. Click the button [Setup Exchange Server] 

  6. You will see the same screen as you below in this screenshot: 

  7. Please fill in your Exchange or Google credentials. In this case Endpoint is the domain of your e-mailserver, for example:

  8. Click the button [Sign in] 

  9. You can complete the installation by closing your screen. 

From that moment on new appointments will be synchronized. Older appointments can be synchronized by editing the existing appointment, for example; add a comma in the note-field. The synchronization takes place every five minutes. 

Points of attention

  • Recurring appointments will keep the functionality of Carerix. This means that some functions who are available in Outlook or Gmail are not available with the Carerix synchronization. See below for some information. 

  • The tools who has been used to read the agenda from a server do have a big influence on the success of the synchronization.
    Supported apps are:

  • Official Outlook Microsoft app

  • Native calendar client on your smartphone

The use of other agenda-clients may cause problems with the synchronization. 

Recurring appointments
The way Carerix handles recurring appointments is different in comparison with how Microsoft Exchange arrange this. That is why you should always use the functionality of Carerix to make new recurring appointments. 

The moment that our CxCalenderSync runs into a problem you will always be notified with an e-mail containing new instructions. 

Exception to a recurring appointment
When there is an exception to a recurring appointment you will receive the following message: 

The Exchange agenda contains an exception to a recurring appointment

This is caused by a removed or replaced appointment.
Carerix won't allow these exceptions. 

Add an additional appointment to your agenda which reminds you of this exception.

Daily recurring appointments
Appointments with daily recurring appointments will not be supported, you will receive the following message: 

Your Exchange agenda contains an appointment who can not be synchronized. This is because Carerix can't accept daily recurring appointments. 

Most of the daily recurring appointments can be easily named as a weekly recurring appointment on specific days. When you replace a daily recurring appointment for one or more weekly recurring appointments, these will be shown correctly in your Carerix Agenda. 

Password change
Office365 contains a default 'Password policy' which forces you to change your password each 90 days. When you change that password in your Office365 account, you also need to change it in Carerix to make sure the synchronization keeps doing it's work.

In order to make sure the synchronization keeps working, follow the steps of activation again. 

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