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Candidate - Evaluation fields
Candidate - Evaluation fields
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Defining evaluation fields

In this example we will add "External evaluation" and "Internal evaluation"

  1. Log on as an Administrator

  2. Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Tables'

  3. Table: "Candidate Evaluation" (dutch: Kandidaat-Evaluatie)

  4. [New]

  5. Enter "External evaluation" as the name of this field

  6. optional: enter a default value for this field

  7. choose [Save and new]

  8. Enter "internal evaluation" as the name of this field

  9. optional: enter a default value for this field

  10. choose [Save]

Log on again now go to a Candidate, notice that the Evaluation-tab will contain the two fields

Using the evaluation fields in templates

Suppose we want to show the "External evaluation" in a template.

This is specified as:

<!--create a "data node cache"-->
<cx:let name="dnc" value="CRDataNodeCache" invoke="namedClass.cache">
<!-- use the dnc to get the proper datanode-->
<cx:let name="node" value="$dnc" invoke="dataNodeForKey:andValue:"
arg0="Candidate Evaluation" <!--exact table name-->
arg1="external evaluation" <!--exact item name-->
<!-- debug: do we have a datanode?-->
<!--<cx:write value="$node"/>-->
<!--write the review info for the specified node-->
<cx:write value="$activity.toEmployee" invoke="reviewFieldForNode:" arg0="$node"/>
</cx:let> <!-- node dismissed-->
</cx:let> <!-- dnc dismissed -->

It is also possible to show the fields by using the table ID. Search the table ID from the field that you want to show in the template (5338 in this example) and insert the following CxScript code:

<cx:write value="$activity..toEmployee.reviewInfo.propertyList" invoke="objectForKey:" arg0="5336"/>

The review info field will only display a result if something has been entered other than the default
In other words: default text will not show up

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