A contact sends you a meeting confirmation, for example from Outlook. This article describes how to deal with these kind of messages.


Carerix doesn't support meeting confirmations, for example those that are sent from Outlook. However, Carerix does show the file in attachment where al the information is stored about the meeting. This gives you the following information.

Interpretation meeting confirmation

The meeting confirmation will show you, in most cases, the following items:

  • ORGANIZER;CN=Piet Jansen:mailto:piet@test.nl: The organiser with it's e-mail address. In this case Piet Jansen with the address piet@test.nl.

  • DTSTART;TZID=W. Europe Standard Time:20130124T090000: The startdate, expressed in a Unix timestamp. You read this: yyyymmdd-hhmmss. In this case: 24 January 2013, at 9:00.

  • DTEND;TZID=W. Europe Standard Time:20130124T100000: The enddate, expressed in a Unix timestamp.

  • LOCATION;LANGUAGE=nl-NL:Delft\, Radex gebouw: The location.

  • DESCRIPTION: test meeting: The description


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