You can manually keep track of holidays when you have the Staffing Edition.
When you purchased the timesheet module for the Staffing edition, you can automatically keep track of the holidays.
There are two ways to keep track holidays in Carerix Staffing edition.

Automatic using the timesheet module

When you have the optional Timesheet module in your Staffing edition, the taken holiday hours / days will be administered, after the start amount has been filled in. The Timesheet module keeps track of hours/days taken.
It is also possible to make corrections manually.

Manual holiday corrections

  • Choose a Candidate

  • Click the tab  'Admin'

In this window you can register the 'Start date' of a candidate and the 'Start amount' of holidays.
You can make corrections in the field ‘Correction for remainder’ by adding +days or –days.
In the ‘Comment’ field you can write a description for the days taken.
By clicking the [Process] button the corrections are saved.
(Example: When a candidate took 2 holidays you enter -2 and in the ‘Comment field’ you can write, a description for example: ‘holiday’.

  • Go to "Files"

  • Open the "Candidate"

  • Go to the tab "Admin"

  • In the field 'Correction for remainder' you can add +days or -days. 

  • In the 'Comment' field you can write a description for the days taken.

  • Click on [Process] to make the amount active.

Note: You have to enter the new total amount of vacation days every year, including the + or –days of the previous year.


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