You use Carerix for keeping up your candidates. However: some of those candidates are freelancer. You want to store the company information, like company name, URL etc. 


Use the Subcontractor function in Carerix. A subcontractor is a company who can (also) deliver candidates, in this case the freelancer.

It is not necessary to create a separate company, because you can do this 'on the fly'.

From the candidate:

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Candidates'
  • Select the candidate
  • Click on the 'General tab'
  • Scroll down to the segment 'Labour conditions'
    (just under the segment 'Addresses' ), there you find the field 'Subcontractor'.
  • Click the button [Select] and choose 'Create a new subcontractor record'
  • Enter the information for the new subcontractor and click 'Next'
  • At the page contact record, click 'None' and 'Next'

You are now back at the candidate, and the subcontractor is appointed.

Keywords: UD-1415

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