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Information about Stopwords in Carerix
Information about Stopwords in Carerix

Searching in Candidates | CV Attachments

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At Candidates-Files it is possible to Search on CV attachment contains 'Words'.
When you use this option, sometimes you see the notification:
"The following stop words from your query were ignored:"

What is a stop word

A stop word is a word that is so general, that searching on this word is useless. The word will be in almost all CV's so it is not distinctive. 

What words are stop words?

On the base of a couple of rules is determined if a word is a stop word. A word is a stop word if:

  •  A word is just one character

  • A word contains punctuation marks. Words can only contain characters and numbers

English stop words:

  • able about above according accordingly across actually additionally after again against ago all almost along already also although always am among amongst an and another any anyhow anyone anything anyway anywhere apart approximately are aren arent around as aside at away

  • back badly basically be because became become becoming been before beforehand behind being below beside best better between beyond both but by

  • can cannot cant certainly clearly closely completely could couldn couldnt currently

  • despite did didn didnt different differently directly do does doesn doing don done dont down due during

  • each easily effectively eg either else enough entire entirely equally especially etc even eventually ever every everyone everything everywhere exactly except extremely

  • few finally firstly for former formerly frequently from fully further furthermore

  • generally get go goes going got gotten

  • had hardly has have haven havent having he hence her here hereby herein hers herself high highly him himself his how however

  • if immediately in including indeed initially inside instead into is isn isnt it its itself just justly

  • largely last lastly lately later latest latter latterly least less let like likely little long lot low

  • mainly many may maybe me meanwhile might more moreover most mostly much my myself

  • namely near nearly neither never nevertheless no non none nonetheless nor not nothing notwithstanding now nowhere

  • of often ok on once only onto or other otherwise our ours ourselves out over overall own

  • particularly per perhaps previously primarily probably properly provided put quite

  • rarely rather re really recently regardless regularly respectively rightly

  • same self several shall she shortly should similar similarly since sincere sincerely so sole solely some somehow someone something sometime somewhat somewhere still subsequently such

  • th than that the their them themselves then there thereafter thereby therefore therein thereof these they this thorough thoroughly those thus though through throughout thru till to together too toward towards

  • unable under unless unlike until up upon us usual usually very via

  • was wasn wasnt we went were weren werent what whatever when whence whenever where whereas whereby wherein whereupon wherever whether which while whilst who whoever whole wholly whom whomever whose why widely will with within without would wouldn wouldnt

  • yes yet you your yours yourself yourselves

  • a b d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

  • one two three four five six seven eight nine ten

  • first second third fourth fifth sixth seventh eigth ninth tenth

  • jan feb mar apr jun jul aug sep oct nov dec date dates week weekly month monthly months year years

  • early earlier earliest past present presently late lately later latest

  • january february march april june july august september october november december

  • personal vitae name address tel birth experience experienced

  • cv co com ltd ii iii iv vi vii viii mr mrs nbsp lt gt

  • able various full high low

  • keep keeps kept went see seen take takes took taken taking use used uses using

  • involve involves involved involving work worked working"

Dutch stop words

  • aan af al alle alleen alles als alsmede ander andere anders

  • ben bij bijna bijv bijvoorbeeld binnen boven bovendien bv

  • daar daaraan daarbij daarbuiten daardoor daarin daarna daarnaast daarom daaronder daarop daarover daartoe daaruit daarvan daarvoor

  • dan dat de der deze die dit door doordat dus dwz

  • echter een eens eerst en enz er ermee erg ergens ervan ervaring ervoor etc even evenals eveneens

  • ge geen gehad geweest geworden

  • had hadden heb hebben hebt heden heeft hem hen het

  • hier hieraan hierbij hierdoor hierin hiermee hierna hieronder hierop hiertoe hieruit hiervan hiervoor

  • hij hoe hoewel hun

  • ik in indien is

  • ja je jij jullie

  • kan kon konden kunt kunnen

  • maar maw me mee men met middels mijn misschien mits

  • na naar naast nadat nee net niet niets nl nog nogal nou nu

  • of om omdat onder ondermeer ons onze ook op over overig overige overigens

  • reeds

  • sinds slechts soms

  • tbv te tegen ten tenzij ter terug terwijl tevens tijdens toch toe toen tot totdat tussen

  • uit uw

  • vaak van vanaf vandaar vanuit vanwege vervolgens volgens voor vooraf vooral voordat voorheen voornamelijk

  • waar waaraan waarbij waardoor waarin waarmee waarna waarom waarop waaronder waaruit waarvan waarvoor wanneer want waren was wat we weer wel welk welke wellicht werd werden wie wij worden wordt

  • zal ze zeer zelf zelfs zich zij zijn zo zoals zodat zonder zowel zou zouden zult zullen

  • a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

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