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CxCalendarSync - Office365 (Calendar Classic version)

Synchronize the Carerix calendar with your Outlook calendar

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How to connect your Carerix calendar with the CalendarSync to your O365 account: 

Setup synchronisation

  1. In Carerix, go to the top right to "My account"

  2. From your document templates dropdown select "CxCalendarSync"

  3. The following screen will show:

  4. Click the button [Setup 365 Server oAuth2]

  5. You will get the Sign in popup:

  • Enter your personal O365 credentials

  • Click [Sign in]

  • The activation is complete, you can close the window

New meetings will now be synced between your O365 account and Carerix. Existing meetings can be synced by editing the meeting.
For example:  by adding text in the meeting and saving it. The synchronization happens automatically every 5 minutes.


Recurrent meetings follow the functionality in Carerix. Functionalities which are available in Office365 but not in Carerix aren't available in the sync.
More information about re-currency can be found below;
The tools which are used to connect to the calendar on the server, for example a calendar app on your phone, can influence the working of the sync. 

The following tools are supported:

  • Outlook

  • Official Microsoft app

  • Native calendar client op smartphone 

The use of other tools can result in an incorrect working of the sync.

Recurrent meetings

Carerix handles re-currency different from Microsoft Exchange. So for recurrent meetings please hold to the functionality in Carerix.
When a meeting can't be synchronized you will receive a mail with instructions. This will happen in the following situations:
Exception on a recurrent meeting; Carerix doesn't support exceptions in re-currency.
Daily re-currency; Carerix doesn't support daily re-currency.

You can use the following workaround:
Create a weekly recurrent meeting that happens on every day. These meetings will be synchronized. 

Please note: 

Do not create additional fields in the Meetings!

Firewall settings

Communication is through https, with default port 443
The following ip-addresses need access to your server:

By default they are added to your application settings in the following field:
Settings ➡ XML-interface ➡ AllowIP

Keywords : UD-45

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