CxScript Variables
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A variable is a reference to a piece of information. The following lines each contain an example of a variable:


Create variables

You create a variable by using one of the following elements:

Valid names

Not every name is is a valid variable name. The name of a variable can only be constructed with a combination of letters, numbers and the underscore _. One additional condition is that the name of a variable must start with an alphabetic character. Examples of valid variable names are:


The following names are not valid variable names:

rate-code /* the hyphen is not allowed */
20characters /* the name must start with an alphabetic character */
first&last /* the punctuation mark & is not allowed */


  • A variable is a reference to a piece of information. If such a reference consists of multiple keys seperated by points, than such a reference is also named a key-path.

  • The value of a variable is always of a certain type. This type determines the ways this information can be used and manipulated by keys.

Label: UD-2569

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