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Calendar not shown correct (Calendar Classic version)
Calendar not shown correct (Calendar Classic version)

What to do if the Calendar is not shown correctly

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Example: you see all appointments for a week on a single day. (monday)


Incorrect data is stored in the browser cache or your timezone is setup incorrectly.

  • Delete the temporary internet files ("cache") of the browser.

  • Restart the browser.

  • Go to, do not log in yet!

  • Press F5 or the refresh button of your browser.

  • Log in.

  • Repeat the steps above if the problem is not solved immediately.


  • Carerix adjusts the timezone to the timezone of the computer you have last logged in with. Make sure your timezone is setup correctly.

  • Check if you do not have zoom active in your browser. This may also cause this.

Keywords: UD-93

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