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Create and download a database dump-file
Create and download a database dump-file

How the Administrator can set the Carerix application to make a database dump

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In some cases, you require access to your entire database:

  • To migrate to other system/databases.

  • To create an analysis or report with external SQL-based tools.

This database dump does not contain attachments (example: resumes), only the name of the attachment will be exported.
The export will not export the attachments (example resumes), it will however export the name of the file.
When you would like a database dump that includes the attachments (add extra cost) then please contact our Customer Success Team.

In your role as Carerix administrator, you can activate your own database download: During the night a file will be created containing a "dump" from your database; this file will be available for download (from a Carerix server) the next day.

Settings for Database dump

  1. Log in as an Administrator.

  2. Go to "Settings".

  3. Go to Block "General".

  4. Enter field:
    "databaseDumpFilename" enter a filename for the database dump
    (only letters, digits and "_"-symbol, no spaces).

  5. Enter field:
    "databaseDumpPassword" enter a password for the database dumponly
    (letters, digits and "_"-symbol, no spaces).

  6. Click on [Save].

The dump is created the next night.

Download the database dump

Wait until the next morning (Tuesday to Saturday).

    • <customername> is always in lower case (cf. https://<customername>.

    • <filename> is the name as specified in step 4 above.

  • Open the zip file with 7zip, you will require the password from step 5 above.

  • The appropriate settings are automatically erased.

  • Filename and password are case sensitive (if you order "Thisfile", you won't be able to download "thisFile")

  • Do not use obvious values for filename or password.

  • The database dump is in postgreSQL format.

  • Basic instructions to open the dump file can be found at: open database dump.

  • The file is automatically created and removed according to the schedule below:

Ordered on…  Ready at…       Deleted on…
Monday           Tuesday          Thursday (night)
Tuesday           Wednesday    Friday
Wednesday     Thursday        Saturday
Thursday          Friday            Sunday
Friday               Saturday        Monday
Saturday          Monday         Wednesday
Sunday            Tuesday         Thursday (night)

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