Subscribers of your newsletter can unsubscribe themselves using the unsubscribe link or unsubscribe themselves. A subscriber that unsubscribed them self receives the Opt-out status. A newsletter template must be ordered to create an effective situation.


Removing multiple subscribers at once

  1. Click "Newsletters" ("Marketing" - "Newsletters") .

  2. Select the corresponding newsletter.

  3. Go to the tab "Subscribers".

  4. Select the corresponding subscribers and choose "action".
    Switch Opt-out to Yes: Subscribers are in the list but do not receive newsletter.
    Switch Opt-out to No: (default option) Subscribers are in the list and receive newsletter.
    Remove from newsletter: Subscriber is removed from list.

Unsubscribing one subscriber

  1. Go to "Candidates" or "Contacts" and select the subscriber.

  2. Select "Opt-out" or "Remove from newsletter" behind the corresponding newsletter.


  • Use the Opt-out function instead of removing a subscriber. Using this function prevents subscribers that have unsubscribed to accidentally be subscribed again.

  • When a subscriber unsubscribed using the unsubscribe link a confirmation will be displayed on a page. This page should be created by the web-builder.

  • This link is used in every newsletter template by default

  • Contact your web-builder when you are using a custom newsletter template

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