After composing an edition of a newsletter, you send the newsletter to the subscribers.


  1. Select the Newsletter ("Marketing" - "Newsletters").

  2. Go to the tab "Editions" and choose the Edition.

  3. Go to the tab "Send", an overview of all Subscribers is shown.

  4. Select the subscriber that are to receive the newsletter.

  5. Click "Send newsletter", choose from the following options:
    example E-mail address: Enter your e-mail address and click "send example". An example is now being sent to your own e-mail address.
    sending options: Choose "send now", "send on", or "send in" and enter your desired times in.

  6. Click "Generate E-mails" and click "Ok", your newsletter is sent.


  • It is required by law to add an unsubscribe link in your newsletters. This is added in every e-mail template by default.

  • A maximum of 5000 e-mails can be sent at one time. 

  • Deselect "Show only subscribers not sent this edition" to show all subscribers.

  • Display details on the status of your editions under the tab "Statistics".

  • Generate tasks that are directly linked to the newsletter at "Activities". All tasks that are linked to the newsletter can be found here.

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