Newsletters are available in the Recruitment and Staffing Edition.

The newsletter module is active upon delivery of Carerix, but for a workable solution you order a newsletter template.

A newsletter is a compilation of articles. You manage these in the "Articles" module.

Creating a new article

  • Go to 'Marketing' | 'Articles'

  • Click [New]

  • Fill in:
    The title of the article.
    A subtitle.
    The contents of the article.

  • Click [Finish] ¬†to save your Article.

  • Go to 'Marketing' | 'Articles'

  • Open the specific Article

  • Select the part of the tekst that you want to make a link of

  • Click the [Insert / Edit Link] icon.

  • Fill in:
    The address that the text is linked to
    Target: The window that the link will open

  • Click "Insert" to add the link

Adding an image

  • Go to 'Marketing' | 'Articles'

  • Open the specific Article

  • Click the [Insert / Edit Image] icon.

  • Fill in:
    The URL of the image on your server
    The text that is shown when you scroll over the image.

  • Click the 'Appearance-tab' to change the dimensions and alignment of the image.

  • Click [Insert] to add the image.


  • Do not copy and paste text from Microsoft-Word, it will mess with the layout of your Newsletter template.

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