Newsletters are available in the Recruitment and Staffing Edition.

The newsletter module is active upon delivery of Carerix. 

Create several Newsletters for several groups of candidates and/or contacts. You make editions for each newsletter, use layout templates and add subscribers.

Create Newsletter

  1. Go to "Marketing" - "Newsletters".

  2. Click "New".

  3. Fill in the specific dates.
    visible or invisible in the newsletters overview.
    candidates and/or contacts.
    name of the newsletter.
    choose any sender you wish the e-mail is send from.

  4. "Save".

Create Newsletter edition:

  1. Open a Newsletter ("Marketing" - "Newsletters") and click the "Editions" tab.

  2. Click "New".

  3. Fill in:
    Name of the newsletter.
    Optional notes (invisible for everyone).
    Subject of the newsletter (the receiver sees it as subject in his inbox).

  4. click on "Save".

  5. Fill in:
    Date that the newsletter is sent.
    Edition nr:
    Edition number of the newsletter.

  6. In the "Add articles" section, select the articles you want to add to the newsletter.

  7. Click "Add to edition".

  8. It is possible to order the articles by dragging the articles.

  9. At "Code" fill in: "MAIN", "LEFT" or "RIGHT". This code determines in which column the article is placed (depending on your template and instructions).

  10. Click the "Preview" tab and check out the edition.

Create Articles:

Go to the page Newsletter - Articles for more information about the articles.

Subscribe to a newsletter:

Go to the page Newsletter - Subscribe for more information about subscribing candidates and/or contacts manually to a newsletter.

Unsubscribe from a newsletter:

Go to the page Newsletter - Unsubscribe for more information about unsubscribing candidates and/or contacts manually from a newsletter.

Sending a newsletter:

Go to the page Newsletter - Send for more information about sending a newsletter.

Ordering a newsletter template:

Go to the page Newsletter - Order template for more information about ordering a custom newsletter template.


  • The footer of your newsletter contains contact details of your office.

  • Add subscribers to your newsletter. See Subscribe to newsletter.

  • The details filled in at step 3 can be modified later.

  • You do not use the Newsletter module for periodic mailings of job orders to candidates. See article CxJobalerts.

  • The maximum number of e-mails per mailing is 5000.
    The transmission rate is limited to 1200 e-mail per hour

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