It could very well happen that one do you'll try to login to Carerix and you've suddenly forgotten your password. Fortunately it's not all that difficult to resolve this issue and below you'll find out how. 

  • Go to
  • Click on "Forgot your credentials?" to start with setting a new password
  • You now have to fill in the follow information to receive an email with a reset link:
    Your username
    An email address that has been filled in in 'My Account'
  • Now click the link you've received in the mail and set-up your new password


When using this functionality it is important to remember that the email address you want to use for the reset-link needs to be reachable outside of Carerix.

If this is not the case you need to ask your Administrator or another User with enough rights to change passwords. Due to the sensitivity of the data in Carerix the support desk is not allowed to reset your password.

Keywords: UD-3051

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