Matchmaking and Recruitment Process

  1. A 'Match' links the following 'Files': 'Companies', 'Contacts', 'Job Orders' and 'Candidates'
  2. When a match is made, the 'Recruitment Process' starts. 
  3. This process guides the match through several stages
  4. For each stage e-mail templates will be generated and available for use. 


  1. When 'Match' turns out into a succesfull 'Placement' you are able to make a new 'Placement' file in Carerix. 
  2. By creating a Placement you are getting able to generate 'Timesheets' and 'Invoices' in Carerix. 
  3. Timesheets and Invoicing are only included in the Staffing and Recruitments Editions of Carerix. Please contact your personal Account Manager when you would like to start using these features. 

Structure of Carerix

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