E-mail to 1 colleague

  • Go to 'Activities' | 'E-mail'
  • Click [+ new]
  • Type - a part of - the E-mail address of your colleague
  • Finish the E-mail
  • Click [Send]

E-mail from the User file

  • Go to 'Management' | 'Users
  • Open the file of the User you want to send an E-mail
  • Choose an E-mail template [Select E-mail] , the E-mail window opens
  • Create the E-mail
  • Click [Send]

E-mail to multiple colleagues

  • Go to 'Management' | 'Users
  • Select the Users that you want to send an e-mail, by clicking on the selectionbox
  • Click 'Select e-mail' (the envelope icon), an e-mail window will open
  • Create the e-mail
  • Click 'Generate e-mails'

If it turns out that there are no email options showing in the 'Users' file or overview, then the Administrator can create a template in the 'Maintenance' | 'Templates' | 'E-mails parts' of Carerix.

Read the article: Make template available for user role

Keywords: UD-2462

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