It can occur that a invoice needs to be corrected / modified. This is possible under certain conditions. This article describes how to correct/modify an invoice.

Definite invoice

A definite invoice can't be modified. To correct it, a credit invoice needs to be created. See this article for a credit invoice.

Concept invoice

A concept invoice can be modified; the invoice can be deleted without any problems.

Delete the concept Invoice

  1. Go to 'Financial' - 'Invoices' - the tab 'Concept'
  2. Select the concerning invoices
  3. Click 'Choose action' - 'Delete'
    - The invoices are now deleted
    - The invoice lines on the invoice get the status "Invoiceable"

Release the Timesheet

  1. Go to 'Invoice lines' - the tab 'Invoiceable'
  2. Select the invoice line that is relating to the incorrect invoice.
  3. Click 'Choose action' - 'Set concept' - [Ok]
  4. Go to the tab 'Concept'
  5. Select the invoice line and delete it (choose action)
    - The timesheet is now released. 

After this:

  1. Open the incorrect timesheet (this one is released) and reject the timesheet.
  2. Open the correct placement, create the timesheet and approve it. 
  3. Follow the normal invoicing process.
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