Create Campaigns to organize events or to easily invite Candidates or Contacts. The invitation is sent through either a regular e-mail template, after which you have to change the participation status manually. Carerix also offers a Campaign Result Package, where you send an e-mail that automatically changes the participation status.
The candidate or contact clicks on a link in the e-mail which automatically takes care of the participation status.


The package consists of the following parts:

  1. An installed e-mail template to invite a candidate
  2. An installed e-mail template to invite a contact
  3. An installed document template to print the list of participants
  4. Configuration of the campaign result table
  5. Your logo, added to the e-mail templates
  6. An activated landing page for confirmation
  7. An activated landing page for errors
  8. Your logo, added to the landing pages


Also part of the package is an instruction that will cover the following steps:

  1. Creating a campaign
  2. Inviting an individual participant through e-mail
  3. Inviting a list of participants through e-mail
  4. Printing the list of participants



At this moment, only invites in one language are supported.


To make sure the package works correctly, an end date has to be filled into the campaign, and it needs to be a date that lies in the future (this is obligatory, otherwise the Yes/No button does not work).
The result field in the campaign for the invitee needs to stay BLANK so reactions can be properly filed.

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