You send a reply on a mail that is sent from Carerix.
However, the e-mail isn't received in Carerix and you get the following message:

"Diagnostic Code: smtp; 554 (Service unavailable; [] blocked using, reason: Spam Received
See: "

Remark: Hotmail doesn't specify the exact cause of the problem, but only gives a "Delivery Status Notification (Failure)".


Your e-mail server (with ip-number: is on the SORBS blacklist because the server has sent spam. The reduce the amount of spam, e-mails that have been sent from servers that (probably) send spam are not accepted by Carerix.

Solution 1

Contact your service provider. He needs to make sure that the mailserver is more secure, and then file a request at SORBS to take the server off the blacklist.

Solution 2

If you use a public service, like Hotmail or G-mail, then the solution above is not an option. In this case you need to send the e-mail from another email address.

Keyword: UD-2006

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