This page contains an overview of the most common errors during CV extraction.

Extraction window does not appear

You import a CV, but the extraction window doesn't show.

A pop-up blocker is active, that interferes with the extraction window.
Turn the pop-up blocker off for Carerix. 

Extraction not activated or incorrect password

CV extraction is provided by an external party that requires an active account.
Check whether your account is active.

  1. Click Settings and click Extractor.
  2. Check if the fields are filled in.

If the fields are empty your activation is not active. If the fields are filled in you might have a wrong password, contact the help desk.

Obligated fields not filled in correctly

The most right tab in the pop-up window at an extraction contains information about the fields that are filled in incorrectly. This field is colored red.

Please note:
In some cases the most right tab does not fit in the pop-up window. Scroll to the side or click full screen to access this tab.

No connection to server

If you have made a successfull connection to the extraction server in the past there is a great chance the server is unavailable. Try again in a few minutes. If the problem persist contact the help desk.

Preprocessing failed

The document is a scan (or image), this means the text is processed as an image by the computer. This is a.o. due to some printers saving a scan as *.pdf. Pictures cannot be extracted. Fill in the fields manually.

Problem not solved

If the problem is not listed please contact the help desk.

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