For reading e-mail, a user can choose between the POP or IMAP method in his e-mail reader (e.g. Carerix, Outlook, Thunderbird...). The most important difference between POP and IMAP is:

  • POP - The e-mail is taken over in the e-mail reader and is removed from the mailbox of the mail server.
  • IMAP - The e-mail is shown in the e-mail reader and remains in the mailbox of the mail server.

With IMAP it is possible to use different e-mail readers for the same mailbox. You always see the same e-mails. With POP however, you modify the original content of the mailbox, so it is not possible to use multiple e-mail readers.

If you use multiple e-mail readers, (for example Carerix, Outlook and iPhone) you use the IMAP settings in Carerix.


Activate IMAP as follows:

  • For your own account: click "My account" (top right part of Carerix), scroll down to E-mail settings.
  • For someone else's account: click "Users" (in the "Other" section at the left), click a user, scroll down to "E-mail settings".


  • Fill in: mailserver (e.g., username, password.
  • Select SSL or TLS at "Security" (if your server requires this).
  • Select "IMAP" at "Type of mailserver".
  • Link the folders in Carerix to the corresponding folders on the IMAP server (the lists contain the folders available at your IMAP server).
  • Click Save.


  • Carerix constantly collects the newest e-mails from the IMAP server.
  • E-mails are only collected if they are not older than one month. This is important if you are using IMAP for the first time, because then you have to consider that it will not collect the olders e-mails from the server.
  • Besides new e-mails, Carerix also collects modified e-mails within minutes.
  • The synchronization works both ways: new and modified e-mails from Carerix are placed on the server within minutes, so they can be viewed with other readers (e.g. Outlook, iPhone).
  • The following modifications are also synchronized both ways: read/unread status, moving to another folder
  • E-mail from the server is no longer synchronized, if:The e-mail is permanently removed from the server.The e-mail is moved to a folder on the server that is not linked to a folder in Carerix.The e-mail is older than one month.


Carerix uses the following ip addresses for processing e-mail. If you have a firewall protecting your e-mail servers, you need to whitelist these IP addresses.

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