After the administrator training you will configure Carerix. We can help you design your recruitment process. If you need advice on an optimal configuration, please request this with your project coordinator.

Testing the processes

  1. The administrator tests whether the processes in Carerix work correctly.
    Go through the entire work flow with a test file including a job application from your website.
    Test a CV extraction.
  2. Check the table items in the company and candidate files.
  3. Check the operation of emails and documents.
  4. Check the publication of job orders to your website (and possibly Knollenstein).
  5. Check the invoicing process (optional).


  • Check the standard anonymous CV template from the library by generating the CV template from a test candidate.

Contacting web builder for connection to website

 This is applicable if you have ordered the WordPress plugin or Rest API. After the administrator training you contact your web builder.

  1. Discuss a price with your web builder for the necessary work.
  2. Inform your web builder about the following:
    You have ordered 1 hour of instructions by phone for the web builder.
    The web builder has to read the technical information before getting the instructions.
  3. There are ready-to-use modules available for a link to Wordpress.
  4. Extra hours of support by phone have to be paid for by the web builder.
  5. The Carerix Helpdesk is available for technical issues concerning the XML interface and not for the web links.

Discussing wishes with the web builder

 Contact your web builder about:

  1. Layout of to be published job orders.
  2. Layout of application forms.
  3. Layout of displaying the available candidates (optional).
  4. Configuring Newsletter op-in/out during job applications (optional: signing up visitors).
  5. Configuring application functionalities, like applying through LinkedIn and JobAlert (automatic job order mailing).

Don't have a website?

Do you have a run-of-the-mill website? The success of recruitment sites is determined by FEEI – find, entice, excite and involve. Let Carerix take care of your website and opt for SRSx (Smart Recruitment Sites). One point of contact for your site and recruitment software.

The Smart Recruitment Sites offered by Carerix give you a state-of-the-art website, which is fully integrated with Carerix, where vacancies in Carerix are automatically placed on the website.

  • Choice of 6 responsive designs, and adjustable to suit your brand or look & feel
  • Site optimised for the recruitment sector and 100% integrated with Carerix
  • Complete peace of mind and always the latest updates Everything is tested
  • Continuous search engine optimisation for all major search enginess
  • 1 point of contact for your website and the Carerix system
  • No unexpected costs
  • A free new site after three years

There is no need for you to worry about the underlying technology; Carerix takes care of all updates. The only thing you have to do is add and/or change text and images.

More information about a Smart Recruitment Site can be found on our website or contact your accountmanager.

Link to Multi-posting

With the Carerix link for multi-posting you can publish job orders on several popular job boards. You do this directly from your Carerix system. In Goede Banen, Knollenstein, Mimir and Broadbean all offer a distribution system that places your job order advertisement on one or more job boards.

To publish job orders via a multi poster you need a contract with a multi-poster. Once you have a contract, please send a message to our Projects Team. Carerix will then set up the technical connection to the multi-poster. In this message you add the data, that are given to you by the multi poster:

  1. Database reference
  2. Login name
  3. Password

The Carerix connection is only possible if you fill in the tables below in the application:

  • Employment
  • Function0
  • Function1
  • Function level
  • Education0
  • Education2
  • Region
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