After the visit of the consultant you will do the rest of the configuration. The consultant will leave you with a to do list and advise on what has priority. Once the configuration is ready, the next parts of the implementation can start. Please take several days to do this with care and start right after the consultant has left.

Configuring Carerix

The consultant teaches the key users to configure Carerix and will help set up the match stages and the most important table items. After this visit it is up to the key users to complete the configuration, to adapt email templates, design the functions and functiongroups, connect Carerix to your website to publish job orders and receive applications,

When configuring Carerix these pages will be helpful:

Testing the processes

  1. The administrator tests whether the processes in Carerix work correctly.Go through the entire work flow with a test file including a job application from your website.Test a CV extraction.
  2. Check the table items in the company and candidate files.
  3. Check the operation of emails and documents.
  4. Check the publication of job orders to your website (and possibly a multi-poster).

If you encounter issues during testing please search our Knowledge Base for the answer to your question. Still have a questions? Contact the Carerix Projects team by sending an email to Always send a screenshot of the issue and steps to reproduce. That way we can help you faster.

Testing completed

Once the testing of the configuration and the processed is completed, please notify your project manager. The project manager will then coordinate the import of data with you. The configuration needs to be finalized before the import starts, otherwise data cannot be imported correctly.

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