After project completion

Once the implementation has been completed you will receive a formal e-mail from your project manager to inform you about the project closure and follow-up procedures.

When your whole organization has been trained and the Carerix application is in operational use, your first point of contact becomes the Carerix Customer Success team.

The Carerix Customer Success team:

  • Handles questions and requests coming from all already implemented customers of Carerix.
  • You can send your question or request to our Customer Success Team.
  • Please make sure your request is clearly specified, including clear steps, instructions, visuals.

What to do after GoLive

A month after the GoLive date, the administrator evaluates the following:

  1. Does the recruitment process work (e.g. Stages)?
  2. Which things are still done manually and why?
  3. How much is Outlook still used and why?
  4. Which processes could be further automated (with triggers)?
  5. Which extra functionalities are we going to activate (e.g. Newsletter)?
  6. Are the standard Dashboards and Reports sufficient?
  7. Are the values in the calculation sheet sufficient (for purchase and sales rates)?
  8. Is using the Invoicing and Timesheets module needed?
  9. Which extra wishes do you have?Create an evaluation document with your wishes and demands.If necessary, contact your accountmanager from Carerix.

Follow-up training after GoLive

  1. After two months, book a follow-up training for administrators, so they can configure the evaluated wishes.
  2. After this fine-tuning, immediately book a follow-up training for the users (after 3 months).
  3. Book a training for Users annually.
  4. Participate in workshops and webinars

Stay on course with Carerix

  1. Evaluate the functioning and applicability of Carerix annually.
  2. Plan annually a follow-up training for your employees. This way they will use and apply Carerix optimally.
  3. We will inform you regularly about useful follow-up training and workshops.
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