A custom CV template in Word is often part of the Starter Package. A CV template automatically fills information from a candidate file in a Word document with a designed lay out and branding.

This template will be developed by Carerix.

To be able to develop the template we need the following information from you:


  • An example of the desired layout in Word including the indicated merge fields (for an example, see our Carerix_Example_delivery_CV_template.pdf)
  • The name of the CV template
  • The location of the template(s) (eg. Candidate and / or Match)
  • The desired color codes, (web-safe) fonts and size (if applicable)
  • The company logo and other branding images (possible formats: .jpg | .png | .gif) in the desired size
  • Please let us know whether you work from a standard office environment or a Mac environment. (If it is a Word template)

The layout you provide will be recreated by our template developers. It is, therefore, important to send us the document including the final layout.

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