Carerix REST API

A feature of your Carerix systeem is an API, or Application Programming Interface. Using this API any software developer is able to connect his application with your Carerix system.

However, before the application is allowed access a Carerix administrator needs first to authorize the application. So, should any trustworthy developer ask for your permission to gain access, please do the following:

  1. Create a new User record in your Carerix systemSelect at field User role: administratorEnter in field Last name: <appname>
  2. Create a note in your Carerix systemSelect at field Owner: the newly create userEnter in field Subject: TOKEN:<appname> This way you authorize an app using the name 'appname' to gain access to your Carerix system
  3. Apply the document template Generate Application token
  4. Check Settings > XML interface > allowIP. If it has other IPs listed, please add the IP address of an application that will be connecting with your system.If allowIP is empty (means allow all) leave it unchanged.
  5. Supply the token ...
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