For a few stages within the match, a planned appointment can be accompanied by a confirmation e-mail. These e-mails contain a date, time and location.
Plan a meeting within a stage, and generate an e-mail template, this will contain the all information about the meeting that needs to be confirmed, see below. 


Saving the appointment

  1. Open the Match screen and open a Match
  2. Choose the 'meeting' icon in the context bar, in the part that is designated for matches
  3. Fill in the date and time of the meeting
  4. Select a Meeting type (the meeting type needs to be parallel to the stage your match is in, eg. 'telephone interview', 'interview at our office', 1st interview, 2nd interview, next interview)
  5. Fill in a subject in the subject bar
  6. Click 'Save'
  7. If you've clicked 'Save and open', then you can navigate back to the match by clicking the match button in the context bar. 
  8. Generate the e-mail in the stage, e.g. 'interview at our office'. 

Generate E-mail 

  1. Choose the correct stage (e.g. 'interview at our office')
  2. Click 'Save'
  3. Either Choose the e-mail template for the candidate (distinguishable because it starts with 'cand.')
    Click 'Send'
  4. Or Choose the e-mail template for the contact (distinguishable because it starts with 'cp.', as in 'contact person)
    Click 'Send'


  • In some stages you generate two e-mails: one to the candidate, and one to the client.
  • If necessary you can still add an Attachment before sending.
  • While planning the appointment, it will be added to your own Carerix calendar.
  • Planning the appointment can also be done from the match screen: Click on the calendar icon on the Activity button in the attention bar.
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