You need access to the Carerix system, that is part of the verification procedure.
So if you are the web-builder then either you need a login from your client or the client can generate the "token" for you.

Make sure that you have the Document template 'REST token' installed in the Carerix system!

When creating the token by following the steps, make sure that you are logged in as your original user, and NOT in an additional role! 

Activate the plugin for Wordpress 

  • Log in as an Administrator in your Carerix system:
  • Check if the Document template 'REST token' is installed, if not install it from the library.
    ('Maintenance' | 'Templates' | 'Document-tab')
  • Make a note in your Carerix system
    Add in the subject field: TOKEN:Wordpress
    Click "Finish"
  • In this Note, select from the drop-down menu the Document templates "REST Token". A pop-up window with a code (the token) opens.
    (If you don't see a Document template 'REST Token', install the document template from the library)
  • Send the token to your web builder

Does the web-builder still experience problems?

  • Ask the web designer for the IP number of the server with the WordPress plugin
  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Settings', "XML Interface" - "allowIP".
  • Is allowIP empty? Leave this field empty. That means 'allow all'.
  • Else: Add the IP number, and click Save

Keywords: UD-906

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